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Dear Diary

1/29/2015 So I think I’m going to do it, I’m going to put myself out there and perform. I’m going to an open mic (sort of) tonight. I told myself it was just to have fun with a newly found friend, but REALLY it’s for me. I hope it gives me the extra little push I […]

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Half on a Baby…

I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! And guess what?! I had a baby. Yup I sure did and he’s freakin amazing. Like gorgeous, cuddly, curly-haired, big brown eyes, goofy-but-serious, infectious smile AMAZING! He’s my perfect little baby boy Brylin. We call him Buster, B, Baby B, or Boss (the last one is the most accurate). I’m still the same […]

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The Truth Is…

I always fuck shit up. Who needs enemies when I’ve got me? What they don’t destroy I’ll finish off…  No need to let anyone get close. Don’t worry, I hurt me the most. Impatient ass, Over analyzing ass bitch. Things aren’t going exactly my way? Fuck it all the way up I say. Not seeing […]

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Ivy Park

So lately I’ve been working out and hitting it hard at the gym. My motivation to keep going comes in a variety of things: looking good in a bikini, flat tummy in body suits, getting to buy cool new (gold) headphones, and of course-showing of my workout style!  What better way to get in formation […]

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Bonding with Britt

Bonding With Britt

Bonding With Britt What I’m Listening To Right Now In this order: Rihanna’s Anti, Drake’s Views, and Bey’s good ol’ Lemonade. What. More can I say???! Who I’m Following Right Now The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1. I’ve been following them for years, but lately I’ve been listening to them every morning, and when I […]

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