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My “no makeup” Shoot

  People sometimes ask me why I wear makeup or wonder what my connection to it is. They say that I don’t need it, that I look just fine without it. I’ve been even more apprehensive about expressing my love for beauty – makeup in particular- on my blog. The poet that bares her soul […]

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Bonding With Britt

I promise to post more ‘Bonding with Britt’s regularly so you all can get to know me better outside of my poetry. If there are any questions you want me to answer on upcoming Bondings let me knowwwww. Muah!! What I’m Listening To Right Now Pandora. They’ve really stepped up their game right now with […]

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The Lucky Ones

I’ll never understand the lucky ones It’s just a luxury I don’t have I’ll try to pretend though I’ll try And try And try   I’ll talk like them Do my best to blend in But I’ll never understand   And when they cry I’ll cry When they laugh I’ll try I’ll talk like them […]

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