Dear Diary


So I’m surprisingly not hungover, partied out, or even tired from last night. Shocking ehh? The poetry night ended up being at this bar on the east side of town. Super hipster, eclectic, all natural, and other worldly types of vibes were what I was getting from the energy around us. The open mic was cool, but more about that later…

We met up before the open mic at this really cool Indian restaurant. I arrived late (surprise surprise) and didn’t get a chance to eat, because we were quickly rushed out to the Uber that was waiting to take our group to the show. Now the Uber showed up in this van, and since I’m pretty thin (slender, skinny, looking like I need a sandwich…) I ALWAYS volunteer to sit in the back – like the wayyy back. Basically the trunk. But the driver (who had these cool dreadlocks that matched the authentic and artsy vibe of the evening) insisted  that I sit in the front next to him. Nobody in the  group seemed to mind. So cool. I sat in the passenger seat.

As the group chatted in the back, Locks asked me where we were going. I was like UM, Should’t you know where we’re going?? Then I realized he was asking about the type of event. I laughed and told him an open mic, then he asks if I’m performing.

I told him yes.

Why did I do that?! Everyone else in the car was clearly wondering the same thing, since the entire group got dead silent, besides the looks that were all passing back-and-forth.  We all had talked about me doing it eventually.  But why did I feel the need to lie to this complete stranger?!?!  Maybe it was to get a rise out of him? Gauge his response?  Maybe I’m just a freaking liar that likes to go around lying to myself and random people I encounter…

Surprisingly no one called me out on my lie.  We didn’t even mention it later.  Locks asked me my name as I hopped out and I told him Bria Hill…

He said GOOD luck Miss Bria. You’re going to go far.


Brittany Ross

YouTuber. Blogger. Poet. Lover of life and my puppy Kairo.

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