Hey hey hey guys! As promised, I will be posting more and more often. I feel so guilty because this blog was my first love, and since diving into blogging, I’ve discovered a love for so many other outlets for self expression.

One of those outlets – one of my favorites, is no other than INSTAGRAM (cue “Down in the DM” by Yo Gotti πŸ˜› ) I’ve been posting nearly everyday on Instagram, and I’m so into it that I’ve started my own little INSTA – project, more details to come.

Now I have a personal IG account, but the one that I have been posting on daily is my “business” account that is linked to my YouTube and this blog. The main difference between this business IG account and my personal one is my content and the intent. While on my personal IG, I may post pics of friends, family, random nights out on the town… you get the picture. On my business account, I post mostly pics of makeup looks, clothes, hairstyles, and other specific things that have a direct link with my YouTube and Blog. Also the intent of my business IG is to engage my followers, and put out content for you all EVERDAY. It’s also to introduce those who may know me from my blog to my YouTube, and vice versa.

There are some other things I’m trying as well to gain a following and grow my IG = and they seem to be working thus far. After a little more time to test how my IG project is going, I’ll be able to share more with you to let you know how my project is going.

For now – these are some of my most recent INSTA pics. Please visit and follow! You can find me at kairos_mom on the ‘Gram.

Brittany Ross

YouTuber. Blogger. Poet. Lover of life and my puppy Kairo.

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