Dear Diary

4/29/2015 Hey, it’s me, Bria. I know its been a while, but so much has happened since the last time I wrote. There was my birthday, my trip to San Jose – and so much in between.

I don’t have much time to write now. I have an appointment in a few minutes. But here I sit with no one else to turn to but you. I don’t even know what made me grab this diary on my way out the door. I mean, I haven’t written since February and it’s now April. April 29th to be exact. Exactly 51 days since I’ve met Β Mark – a man who will have forever changed my life… No time to explain that now, the doctor should be calling me sometime soon.

But I will tell you my story. The WHOLE thing. The good, bad and yes ugly of it all. I’ve written so much in you over the years diary, so you already know I’m no angel- but this is different. I mean I never thought this would happen to me. But here I sit… Alone, afraid, and pregnant.

I think the nurse is coming. Yes, she’s calling for me now…

Brittany Ross

YouTuber. Blogger. Poet. Lover of life and my puppy Kairo.

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