If you catch me with My Cry.

Don’t Stop me.

Don’t try to console me or care.

Just let me cry.

And leave.

Leave because I need that cry that you can only get alone.

No guilt, just redemption.

That “I don’t know why the hell I’m doing” cry…

A cry to cleanse my soul.

And here I was thinking I was figuring shit out.

We are so silly.

Silly and scared.

Of what I don’t know… But I know it has something to do with this cry.

So just leave me alone.

Alone with My Cry and my thoughts.

Don’t try to find the beauty in my tears.

Or feel the pain in every shiver

Or the helplessness in each quake.

I’ve ran from this feeling for too long.

Time to face my hurt.

My Cry.

-Kairo’s Mom

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