The Truth Is…

I always fuck shit up. Who needs enemies when I’ve got me? What they don’t destroy I’ll finish off…  No need to let anyone get close. Don’t worry, I hurt me the most. Impatient ass, Over analyzing ass bitch. Things aren’t going exactly my way? Fuck it all the way up I say. Not seeing […]

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April Product Of The Month

Lashed Liquid Lipstick Hey hey hey guys! So if you’ve visited YouTube Channel, this product wouldn’t be a surprise to you. My product of choice for April is the Lashed Liquid Lipstick by Blac Chyna. This product is simply amazing! My Highlights: Comfortable on the lips and moisturizing Highly pigmented and wide range of colors […]

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Creative Writing, Dear Diary

Dear Diary

4/29/2015 Hey, it’s me, Bria. I know its been a while, but so much has happened since the last time I wrote. There was my birthday, my trip to San Jose – and so much in between. I don’t have much time to write now. I have an appointment in a few minutes. But here […]

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beauty, Photography


Hey hey hey guys! As promised, I will be posting more and more often. I feel so guilty because this blog was my first love, and since diving into blogging, I’ve discovered a love for so many other outlets for self expression. One of those outlets – one of my favorites, is no other than […]

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