Half on a Baby…

I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! And guess what?! I had a baby. Yup I sure did and he’s freakin amazing. Like gorgeous, cuddly, curly-haired, big brown eyes, goofy-but-serious, infectious smile AMAZING! He’s my perfect little baby boy Brylin. We call him Buster, B, Baby B, or Boss (the last one is the most accurate). I’m still the same […]

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Art, Photography

Put Her In The Sun Photo Shoot

Happy Friday beautiful people! I’m sooooo excited to share this recent photo sesh I did with the amazingly talented Tanialee Gonzalez at Eloquently So Photography. This photoshoot reminded me of a poem I did a few months ago called Put Her In The Sun. There will be more pics to come but here is an […]

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Bonding with Britt, Personal Development

Bonding With Britt

Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciate each and every one of you (all 5 lol)!! This post is going to be a little different because for once, it’s all about me. When I envisioned my blog, it was always my dream that I would have a really close connection with my […]

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