The Truth Is…

I always fuck shit up. Who needs enemies when I’ve got me? What they don’t destroy I’ll finish off…  No need to let anyone get close. Don’t worry, I hurt me the most. Impatient ass, Over analyzing ass bitch. Things aren’t going exactly my way? Fuck it all the way up I say. Not seeing […]

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Dear Diary

4/29/2015 Hey, it’s me, Bria. I know its been a while, but so much has happened since the last time I wrote. There was my birthday, my trip to San Jose – and so much in between. I don’t have much time to write now. I have an appointment in a few minutes. But here […]

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Hey hey hey guys! As promised, I will be posting more and more often. I feel so guilty because this blog was my first love, and since diving into blogging, I’ve discovered a love for so many other outlets for self expression. One of those outlets – one of my favorites, is no other than […]

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Feeling Immature

Hey guys! Ever feel immature? Lately I’ve been loving looks and styles that take me back to earlier, funner times. Whether it’s jewelry, hair, or makeup, I’m currently obsessed with these “immature” and fun styles. What looks have you been into lately?

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